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Yes it is a mouthful.  For future reference now would be a good time to bookmark this site.  You will find a ton of information on this site in the coming months.

If you are new to Internet Marketing and want to know what Affiliate Marketing is then keep reading..

What is Internet Marketing?

Quite simply Internet Marketing is the process of selling products and services through online means.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is synonymous with Internet Marketing.  A Affiliate Marketer uses the same marketing methods available to every type of business model with the exception he or she does not own the product or service.  They get a commission on a sale or lead.

Overall most in the industry introduce themselves as Internet Marketers or Marketers as to which offline practices are used as well.  You can be a vendor (the owner of a product/service) and a Affiliate Marketer at the same time.

What is Service Marketing?

Service Marketing is probably the fastest way a person can make money online. In Internet Marketing there is a high demand on services such as content writing, graphic designing, web design, coding, video authoring, search engine optimization and a vast amount of others not mentioned.  This in itself is a good industry and starting point for many Internet Marketers.

Can Anyone be an Internet Marketer?

Yes! No matter what walk of life you are from rich or poor.  Anyone can do it.  The best thing about Internet Marketing is that it is the most level playing field in the Commerce World.  Big Conglomerates do not own and control it. It takes little or no money to get started.

Ready to learn Affiliate Marketing?

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